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BluNOVA is the data consolidation, insights and decisioning arm of SA Telecoms giant Blue Label Telecoms (BLT), a company founded by Mark and Brett Levy in 2001 with a vision to tackle inequality of opportunity by enabling all South Africans to interact and transact financially on an equal footing.  Driven by this passion, BLT has become a leading innovator and distributor of mobile fintech products and services.

We have the power of one of South Africa's biggest Telco and Fintech Innovators behind us.


BluNOVA is not just another Data Science Hotshop...

Our data asset is the envy of the industry and, when combined​ with your data, leads to richer insights and greater returns

Through our decisioning expertise and cloud partnerships, BluNOVA can help not only with once off campaigns but with fully automated transaction platforms that engage both efficiently and flexibly with your targeted market. ​

All this while remaining fully compliant with legislation​.

3 reasons why BluNOVA is a leader
in the Big Data space


Best in class Market reach


Rich, actionable, growth insights from data


Automated Decision Services


Meet our Executive Team


Suveer Ramdhani


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Suveer has served as a key contributor to massively disruptive ventures within the telecommunications and technology industries. The extent of his passion for change and innovation is well-known through his role in the founding of SEACOM - Africa’s first privately-owned subsea fibre optic cable – a project which transformed the African internet. This same passion is what has led him to BluNOVA, a company at the forefront of automated transactional businesses built through data analytics and decisioning expertise.

Gavin Reuben BluNova_0201.jpg

Gavin Reuben


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As an analytical thinker with extensive management experience, Gavin has always been at the forefront of formulating, and executing product strategies to drive a competitive advantage with a specific interest in Innovation and Technology. Within BluNOVA, Gavin’s work has been focused on cutting edge innovations in credit: leveraging the wealth of alternative data available from the Blue Label Group to extend financial services to the traditionally unbanked population within the South African market.

S Ramphal Work Pic2.jpg

Suchita Ramphal

Executive: Telecoms Practice

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Sue has always been drawn to areas where technology has meaningful impact and has long believed that social and economic progress comes from equitable access to services, whether in telecommunications, or the financial space. Part of the team that helped disrupt the African internet, she has now turned her sights to the innovations taking place within the Blue Label Telecoms group; specifically looking at how to leverage the Group’s Big Data environment within BluNOVA, to drive unique, real-time predictive analytics. Sue also has a passion for nurturing diverse new talent to feed the demand for Data skills in Africa.


Karen Maritz

Head of Data Science

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With an innovative, passionate personality, Karen has become a credit scoring expert. Establishing the Analytics department at one of the major credit bureau in South Africa has given her unique insight into bureau data and consumer behaviour. Coupled with the fact that she has worked in credit in both personal finance and retail, she has a solid, hands-on understanding of credit, consumer behaviour and statistical modelling. She obtained her M.Sc in Business Mathematics and Informatics in 2004 and has a passion for learning and experimenting with new types of data and models. Within BluNOVA, she heads up the Data Science team. The team aims to deliver solutions taking raw, disjointed data to a level where insights may be gained and actions taken to improve customer contact ability, risk, take-up and a host of other factors.

BluNOVA is growing rapidly and we are looking for extraordinary people to join our team.

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